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Transparent wireless LED headset

Transparent wireless LED headset

Many people like to walk with headphones and listen to music, but it is easy to ignore the surrounding environment, accidents will happen at any time. In the daytime, there is a clear view of others, but it is easy to get an accident in the evening if you don’t look around the surroundings with a headset. The X-SHOCK has launched a transparent wireless LED headset for people who like to listen to music at night.


X-SHOCK wireless LED headset uses transparent shell and built-in LED lighting. When users walk at night, earphone lights can alert the surrounding pedestrians and vehicle users, and reduce security risks.


X-SHOCK wireless LED headset support automatic connection. After Turning on, they will automatically connect, and the users can start to use them directly. It is quite quick and convenient. The left and right headphones of the X-SHOCK wireless LED headset are automatically paired, which ensures that the voice transmission is not delayed and ,Improve user’s sense of use.

X-SHOCK wireless LED headphones have unique sonic sound effects that allow users to indulge in the music experience given by X-SHOCK . X-SHOCK wireless LED earphones conforms to ergonomic design to ensure the comfort of human ears..

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