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The elderly scooter

The elderly scooter

Priestman Goode launched a scooter designed for the elderly. It is equipped with a large enough pre – storage bag for old people to take it on the street to avoid the heavy burden of weight. It has five colors in addition to the smooth overall line, and the colors of each wheel, pedal and handrails match with the color of the front storage bag, which is concise and fashionable.


There are some intimate details: the pedals and the armrest are antiskid. The front wheel is designed to be larger than the rear wheel to strengthen stability.

The connecting rod is located in the front brakes, the car can be easily folded up or down, even for the legs too flexible in the elderly, this operation is very simple and labor-saving.

The old man can easily take the car out and fold it up and take the bus or the subway. Besides, for the old people who are unable to walk, Scooter for Life has full electric drive mode. Its front storage bag is also the hiding place of batteries.

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