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Hyundai announces pricing for Ioniq Electric subscription service

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Drive an Ioniq Electric for as little as $ 275 a month.

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Regular Pricing for the 2016 Core77 Design Awards Ends Tomorrow, March 8! Here Are 8 Reasons to Enter

Remember what we said about time moving faster than you’d think? Well, believe it or not, the end of Regular pricing for the 2016 Core77 Design Awards is nearly upon us. At 9pm Eastern tomorrow, March 8th, we officially move into our third pricing period. Save yourself the agony of another two weeks of procrastination (and some cash), and submit your design before Regular pricing is over.

We propose entering before Regular pricing ends…….2015 Professional Packaging Winner – Clifton Engagement Ring Case by Andrew Zo

Still on the fence about submitting? Let us help get you down from there. Here are 8 reasons you should enter the 2016 Core77 Design Awards:

1.) We’re the most inclusive Awards program out there. We offer designers in fields as seemingly disparate as Packaging and Service Design the chance to compete on equal footing. We know design isn’t a one trick pony. We believe that pony has, at the very least, 14 tricks.

2.) It’s all done online, so the submission process is a breeze. Think of all you could do with the money you’ll save on postage. We have some ideas.

3.) Students have a chance to participate against fellow students at a sharply discounted rate. We like a fair playing field…and a cheap playing field.

4.) Your work will be seen by these teams of international design leaders. Sure, we could tell you your designs are awesome, but wouldn’t you rather hear it from them?

5.) Receive an honor and have your work enshrined on the Core77 Design Awards site until the end of time. Or at least until Skynet takes over.

6.) As an honoree, your work will be the talk of the town. And the Twittersphere.

7.) Honorees are automatically in the running for our Community Choice prize. Democracy is a beautiful thing.

8.) Win your category and take home the peerless Core77 Trophy. What you do with your trophy is up to you, but the possibilities are endless.

We could go on and on about why you should enter, but we don’t want to keep you for too long. After all, you have an entry to submit, and Regular pricing ends March 8th at 9pm Eastern.

Time is running out. Get your entry in now!


One Week Until Regular Pricing Ends for the 2016 Core77 Design Awards!

You’ve taken your time polishing and preening your 2016 Core77 Design Awards entry, perfecting the language and sharpening the images. No doubt, your preparations are about to pay off. The home stretch for the Regular pricing period is officially here! In 7 days, that’s Tuesday March 8th, the entry price will increase as we say goodbye to Regular pricing for another year and say hello to the Late pricing period.

That’s not to say you should rush yourself. You’ll want to submit the highest quality entry you can, because only the very best Professional and Student designs will take home the top prize in their respective category: the Core77 Design Awards Trophy. Beyond its value as a symbol of tremendous achievement in the field of design, the Core77 Design Awards Trophy holds the unique distinction of also being a tool for creation. 

That’s right, the Trophy is a mold.

The trophy that keeps on giving

Once you submit your design, you’ll have all the time you need to think of ways to put your personalized Core77 Design Awards Trophy to good use, but in the meantime, here are five ideas to get your brainstorming started:

1) Make a candle. What better way to celebrate your triumph than by having it, quite literally, light up a room?

2) Construct a wax fortress. Build your very own stronghold brick by wax brick. With the name of your project on each bar, there will never be any ownership controversies.

3) Bake a batch (or two) of delicious brownies. Be the life of the party while also reminding your friends of your design prowess.

4) Create your own soap. Wash yourself in the sweet scent of victory.

5) Freeze ice cubes for oddly shaped glassware. As they say, there’s a lid for every pot, and an ice cube for every glass.

The possibilities are endless, but time moves faster than you think, so finish up your entry and submit it by Tuesday, March 8th at 9pm Eastern.

The only way to win the trophy is by competing. Start your entry now!


Fair Warning: Early Bird Pricing Ends Tomorrow! 

You’ve been busy, assuring yourself you have plenty of time, that the end of Early Bird pricing is miles away. Or, maybe you saw the 12 Things to Buy With the Money You’ll Save post and thought, “eh, I don’t really want any of those awesome things.”

Either way, the time has come. At 9pm Eastern Time tomorrow (February 9th), Early Bird prices officially end for the 2016 season. Here’s your chance for eternal glory with the 2016 Core77 Design Awards AND an opportunity to save money.  Follow the example of these six Winners from the 2015 Core77 Design Awards season that not only took home a personalized Core77 Trophy for winning their respective category, but pocketed a little extra cash by getting their work in before Early Bird pricing ended.

IKO Prosthetic – Open Design – Student Winner

IKO Prosthetic proposes a new mindset from what current prosthetic models are by opening them up to creativity, interaction and fun. Breaking from the drab, at times robotic prosthetics that dominate the market, IKO gives children the opportunity to customize their artificial limb in a way that matches their personality and needs, while allowing for easy socialization with other children. Carlos Arturo Torres submitted this design more than a week before the 2015 Early prices ended. 

Chirming – Visual Communication – Student Winner

Chirming is a creative and unorthodox project that attempts to create a visual manifestation of bird songs. Designing an array of representations that vary according to the type of bird, Chirming presents a series of images that are both compelling and soothing. The project’s designer, Sukgo, succeeded in fusing bird song with mandala designs and submitted her project five days ahead of the end of 2015 Early Bird pricing. 

Commercial Type Showcase – Visual Communication – Professional Winner

Commercial Type Showcase is a set of sixteen microsites for the Commercial Type webfonts library. The microsites explore how a type specimen can be experienced differently when paired with the abilities of the web. Each of the microsites shows a different family from the Commercial Type library and highlights a different aspect of its personality. Wael Morcos entered this interactive project with only four days left in the 2015 Early Bird pricing. 

LINDO Smart Vehicle – Transportation – Student Winner

LINDO Smart Vehicle is a three-wheeled, electric vehicle concept that is both environmentally friendly and convenient to use. LINDO is imagined as a public transport system that can be hailed via smartphone, and aims to make transit in the city of Melbourne less linear and less congested. Kyle Armstrong from RMIT University submitted this concept project the day before the 2015 Early Bird prices closed.

Room on the Roof – Built Environment – Professional Winner

Built into the interior of a tower located in the heart of Amsterdam, Room on the Roof is a haven for artists of all denominations. The interior installation plays with scale and perception in the vein of ‘Alice in Wonderland’, and includes storage, a pantry, a desk, and a daybed stacked on top of one another as if to invoke the notion of a ‘living cabinet’. This project made the Early Bird pricing cut with just over 12 hours left to spare. 

Palisade Collection – Furniture & Lighting – Professional Winner

The Palisade Collection is a series of furniture pieces that aim to address the needs of both patients and visitors in a healthcare facility. Offering seating, technology support, lighting, storage, sleeping and work space, Palisade has thoughtful features that make it easy for guests to talk eye-to-eye with patients, share meals, entertain themselves, check in at the office, and sleep without leaving the patient’s side. With only about seven hours left before the Early Bird pricing ended last year, Jess Sorel got her submission in and took home the trophy!

Your chance to add savings on top of the glory of winning ends tomorrow. Don’t delay, get your entry in now!


BlackBerry Q10 priced at $249 on two-year contract in US

BlackBerry Q10 priced at $249 on twoyear contract in US

BlackBerry just confirmed to us the target pricing of its upcoming QWERTY smartphone in the US, and the quick takeaway is that keyboards don’t come cheap. According to company representatives, the Q10 is intended to be sold for $249 on a two-year contract, which positions it as more expensive than the Galaxy S 4, iPhone 5, One and Z10. Now, the one hiccup in this equation is that carriers may turn around and do whatever pricing shenanigans they please, but outside of special promotions, you can rightfully expect the Q10 to be one of the most expensive on-contract smartphones of the day. With so few compelling QWERTY handsets on the market, however, it seems that BlackBerry is hoping you’ll value a keyboard more than your hard-earned dollar. If it the company’s correct, that’ll mean a lot more profit. If not, well… you know the rest.

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Source: Bloomberg

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BlackBerry Q10 priced at $249 on two-year contract in US

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Panasonic prices and ships its first media streamers, newest Blu-ray Disc players

Panasonic prices and ships its first media streamers, newest Bluray Disc players

Don’t look now, but Panasonic has just gone public with pricing and availability information for its inaugural line of streaming media players. Announced a few months back at CES, the 3D-capable DMP-MS10 is shipping today for $79.99, offering up VIERA Connect (for easy integration with older Panny HDTVs), inbuilt WiFi, external HDD playback and access to Netflix, Hulu Plus, CinemaNow, Vudu and YouTube. An extra $20 gets you the DMP-MST60, which is also shipping today while adding 2D-to-3D conversion and Miracast functionality.

Over on the BD side, the DMP-BD79 is moving out now for $79.99, while the BD89 is going for $10 more; these two are 2D-only models, with the latter being equipped with WiFi out of the box. For those still (somehow) enamored with the third dimension, the DMP-BBT01 ($269.99), BDT500 ($349.99), BDT330 ($199.99) and BDT230 ($129.999) are also hitting store shelves within the next few moments. The full releases are just past the break — you know, if you’re into such things.

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Source: Panasonic

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Panasonic prices and ships its first media streamers, newest Blu-ray Disc players