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In push for more live video, Twitter officially announces the Producer API

 Confirming earlier reports by The Information and here at TechCrunch, Twitter officially announced the launch of a new tool for live video aimed larger media publishers and broadcasters. The Producer API, as it’s called, will allow professional publishers to connect their equipment  to Twitter in order to stream live video directly to its network. Twitter had previously launched… Read More


The 2017 Design Salary Survey Is Officially Live, and We Need Your Help

2017 is officially in full swing! For some of you, that means you’re just starting up at your new job, and for others it means embarking on another year of a job you either love or hate. If you happen to fall into any of these categories, we need your help! Since 2001, Coroflot has collected and reported salary information from tens of thousands of design and creative professionals around the world. We’ve been able to do this with the help of our community, who we rely on to enter their own information. The Design Salary Guide is a valuable resource for your own salary negotiations or as a resource when building your team.

The Salary Guide offers plenty of benefits. For starters, it’s a rolling tool, available year-round and reporting the results in real-time. We have a pool of over 65,000, with useful data on dozens of job titles from around the world. Our range includes over 50 job titles, so there’s something for every creative role! All of the data is collected on a city level, allowing us to report results on a more granular, hyper-local scale (in addition to broader trends). You can even enter freelance hourly rates, and in turn we report on freelance hourly rates. We collect and report on salaries and hourly rates in local currencies around the world. Our charting tool shows the 25th percentile, median, and 75th percentile of earnings at all times. If we have enough data, we split it up into more detail. Any data you submit is completely anonymous, so there is zero risk in completing the survey.

Built by designers, for designers, Coroflot has always had a strong community of talented creative-types. We invite you to take a peek around and add your info to the Salary Guide. It literally takes less than 1 minute to participate. The more data we can collect and summarize, the better accuracy we’ll have. And of course, share it with your friends!

Keep your eyes peeled for Salary Guide news as we’ll have more exciting tidbits to share in the coming weeks.

Enter your data by March 14th to receive Coroflot’s annual report on design salaries.


The TC Disrupt Hackathon Is Officially Underway

Another September, another Disrupt SF. And with any Disrupt comes the Disrupt Hackathon, where more than 700 hackers have gathered to build a product in under 24 hours. They’re given food, beverage, and booze in the hopes that some combination of alcohol, caffeine and camaraderie will yield a stellar hack. We also equip the hackers with various APIs from our lovely sponsors, giving them… Read More