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Weekly Roundup: Intel buys Mobileye for $15.3B, Uber’s navigation for drivers improves

 This week four people were accused of hacking at least 500 million Yahoo accounts, Spotify partnered with Waze and Intel bought computer vision company Mobileye. These are the top stories of the week, and you can also get this post as a weekly newsletter in your inbox, if you prefer. 1. The U.S. Department of Justice accused of two Russian FSB officers and two criminal hackers of… Read More


The BeeLine: Smart, Intentionally “Fuzzy” Navigation for Bikes

Even in an exciting city, traveling the same route every day is boring. On foot or by bicycle in Manhattan, I’ll often take different routes to a familiar destination for the sake of variety. This occasionally pays off when I spot a new café I’d like to try, spy something novel in a store window, or run into someone on the street that I haven’t seen in years.

Along these lines, London-based cyclists Mark Jenner and Tom Putnam in collaboration with MAP Project Office have figured out how to combine random variety with the necessary precision of a navigation system. Their product, BeeLine, is a handlebar-mounted navigator that knows exactly where you want to end up, but doesn’t guide you there turn by turn; instead it provides the most basic of feedback, a simple graphic arrow, that rotates compass-like to always be pointing at your ultimate destination. The twists and turns you take along the way are thus up to you, and the unit will fit a variety of handlebar styles.

“The idea is to open up the city for exploration,” the duo writes, “and put urban cyclists back in control of their journey.”

Here’s their Kickstarter pitch, launching today:

The device is expected to retail for £60 (US $ 90) but the first 200 pledgers will be able to snag a beeline for as low as £30.