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A Cheese Glue Gun Backed by… Buzzfeed?

The social and political landscape may be murky these days, and the hectic holiday season is only just underway, but here’s a glimmering greasy beacon of hope: the Fondoodler. This slightly heinous contraption takes your grated cheese of choice and melts it into a spreadable stream. It’s like a hot glue gun for people with adventurous art skills or a broken dietary moral compass. 

Just pack the holster tube with your favorite cheddar or Camembert, pop it into the gun, and depress the push stick to heat your cheese to flowing temperature. Now you can hand decoupage your Triscuits, or write magical realist love poems inside the quesadilla you serve your crush. 

You can even use mozzarella cheese sticks straight out of the pack. Draw a favorite Disney character and maybe you can trick your horrible brats into eating their proteins. Maybe this year you can finally swap boring ginger bread houses for something closer to your Kraft Singles heart.

But best/worst of all, this new widget is brought to you by Buzzfeed, in what appears to be the first consumer product licensed by the media giant. While a playful and impractical food invention might seem like an odd first departure from branded t-shirts, their ads for the Fondoodler take you from questionable news to questionable food in one click. So it might not “revolutionize” our nacho experience as some are claiming, but maybe it’s not a distasteful pairing at all.