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Space Projection Helmets

Space Projection Helmets (space projection helmet) is very similar to the helmet of astronauts in appearance, so that the wearer can simulate the astronaut’s perspective perfectly and get the perfect immersive experience. The goggles on the helmet are regarded as screens, providing a comprehensive field of vision. A projection device is installed in the helmet, creating a space environment with full senses through 720P’s laser projection, fisheye lens and internal audio equipment. The wearer is free to turn around and look around, and the vision is filled with a beautiful  400 kilometers views on the earth.

Because goggles are translucent, they can also see projection images in the helmet from outside. Of course, it is impossible to feel the 360 degree angle and the built-in sound effect from the outside. The space projection helmet is quite different from the ordinary VR head experience. Wearing VR head is more like looking at the picture from a telescope. The immersion is not enough, and the rendering of the space projection helmet is more natural.

In order to reduce the picture delay and make the experience more realistic, the steps of wearing the space projection helmet are also as complex as the helmet of astronauts. The staff should first place the shoulder pad on the shoulders of the wearers and install a bracket before they can put on the helmet. According to the experiencer, the space in the helmet is very closed, so the sense of immersion should be good.

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