Rubik Snake Twist Puzzle
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Rubik Snake Twist Puzzle

Rubik Snake Twist Puzzle

Rubik Sanke Twist puzzle offers infinite possibilities of combination. It is a great tool for both adult and kids to test out ideas of shape in space. Speaking theoretically, the number of the snake’s combinations is limited. But speaking practically, that number is limitless, and a lifetime is not sufficient to realize all of its possibilities.

Rubik Sanke Twist puzzle is made of  different numbers of right isosceles triangular prisms. The wedges are connected by spring bolts, so that they can be twisted, but not separated. By being twisted, the Rubik’s Snake can be made to resemble a wide variety of objects, animals, or geometric shapes. For the other complicated shapes you need a larger numbers of Rubik Snake,  the larger the Rubik snake is , the more shapes it can build.

Rubik Sanke Twist puzzle is the twistable challenge of unlimited puzzle shapes. Start twisting and watch amazing figures take form. Turn a snake into a swan… a bat into a ball… a turtle into a terrier, all with just a few twists of your imagination. As an educational tool, it sharpens your thinking about shapes and spaces. There are no limits to the shapes you can make and best of all – NO WRONG ANSWERS! it is a portable puzzle providing hours of fun for kids and even adaults.

As it says this Rubik snake can creat limitless different shapes , here we can show you some of the possibilities of this toys can build

how do you think of the above shapes,  do you think you can manager it with your imagination .  Most of the set , in the market you can have a detail user manual for how to make these shape step by step.

Though it is Rubik snake, there are still many different size pcs , bascially like below

rubik snake

and for details tutorials you can find on this

Buy Rubik snake twist puzzle comes with a “Solution HINTS! Booklet” which provides easy to read instructions on how to maneuver the Snake, visual displays of a variety of basic shapes to achieve, and for those who like a challenge advanced shapes illustrations. Rubik’s Twist will charm YOU!

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