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Roominate Building Blocks

Roominate Building Blocks

Girls can build their very own unique structures with the Roominate ! Using the included building pieces that easily snap together, girls can tap into their imaginations to design two‐level structures, bunk beds, balconies, a house on wheels, and other endless possibilities. Electrical circuits enhance designs so girls can watch their creations come to life with real movement, including

spinning windmills, carousels, lamps, and more.



Empowering Girls Through Open-Ended, Hands-On Play

Roominate is a customizable line of wired building toys that inspire open-ended, hands-on play. This innovative combination of building, circuits, design, crafts, storytelling, and creativity allows for endless creations. Using motor and light circuits and modular pieces, girls build whole structures, spinning windmills, carousels, lamps, bunk beds, elevators, and more to create their own unique creations.

Roominate was designed by two female engineers out of Caltech, MIT, and Stanford with a mission to inspire the next generation to have fun with STEM subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. They were inspired in their career choice by the toys they played with as children. Roominate develops spatial and fine motor skills, engages hands-on problem solving skills, boosts self-confidence, and teaches basic circuitry.

Build, Wire, and Design…Again and Again!

Roominate is an innovative combination of building, circuits, design, crafts, storytelling, and creativity. Start by building a bunk bed, hook up the motor to make a fan, or connect the walls to make a house!

Girls play with Roominate for hours and hours building their own elaborate worlds. Girls build everything from the Golden Gate Bridge, to car washes with spinning brushes, and even rocket ships! As they keep coming up with new ideas and stories, girls can take apart their creations and build something completely new and different!

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