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Programming Toy Pip

Nowdays “code farmers” ‘s price is rising, and more and more parents pay attention to this. That’s one of the reasons why robotic toys are selling hot. This small device, called “Pip”, allows children to play real digital creation.

Programming Toy Pip is a handheld gaming device developed by the British Science and technology start-up company, curious Chip, and is currently being raised. Pip can help children master the basics of programming and try to write their own games and applications.

Although it is mainly designed  for children,But it can be used for all ages and all the technical level of the geek.
It is built on the raspberry pie, built in touch screen and integrated with loudspeakers, microphones, motion sensors, and 8 polychromatic light emitting diodes. If the screen is too small, it also supports an external display or TV. There is a detachable handle on the left and right, and the double game can be realized by the external handle. only look at these points, scalability can be said to be relatively strong.

Programming Toy Pip has built-in greedy snakes, small bees, Pac-Man and My world, by playing these classic games to get started, after familiar with the interactive operation, you can follow the PIP Interactive Tutorial to deconstruct the game or application programming design. Currently supports a wide range of programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, Lua, PHP, and/.


Each time a small learning achievement is made, the device sends out some interesting hints, such as the LED bulb flashing, or the personal photos appearing in the game and so on.

These tutorials range from simple to advanced, for example: children can learn how to start flashing LEDs, and then control various smart sensors using different programming languages. For example: access to temperature sensors, to allow children to observe the plant, access to distance sensors, and for the existing Lego Toys add motor and light effect, so that it makes Static toy move up


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