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Portable Smokless barbecue machine

Portable Smokless barbecue machine

With the improvement of the quality of life , Japnese or Korean like to drive to the suburbs or special places to eat the barbecue, Mainly because of they hate fumes to when making barbecue  at home. Japan has recently launched a specially designed smokeless barbecue machine, It has a special design at the top of the heater can significantly inhibit opportunity that meat’s fat could be heated  by fire directly  , This smokeless barbecue machines help the people who love DIY BBQ at the table to avoid choking  by smoke.

This “smokeless barbecue” manufactured by Aladdin company in Japan, because the previous outflow of fat, will be heated  by heat source under the iron plate and carbonized into the smoke. And this smokeless barbecue machine’s heating source are in the above place , the outflow of fat will fall directly to the barbecue net, the opportunity to become smoke greatly reduced, It is ag ood choice for those people who are  lazy  and clean love to have opportunity make BBQ at home .

Before use, the user should inject the  water into the  below base, the heating part is made of graphite crystallization material, the thermal conductivity is 10 times of iron, can be heated in 0.2 seconds, without preheating work, instantly point strong fire.

Because This machine change the heating way , there will be voice of Zizi while making barbecue. Heating the meat from the its top surface, meat will not shrink , thus most of gravy will be retained , and keep the meat fresh. Enjoy

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