Portable simple toilet
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Portable simple toilet for After disaster

Portable toilet (minimLET). MinimLET was born  from recent years  increased earthquake and tsunami disasters in Japan . So, how to solve the problem of going to toilet in a decent way is the task that this design needs to complete.

MinimLET portable toilet  consists of six parts: C shaped seat, four lightweight aluminum rod, garbage bags, a large canvas, light condensing agent and a backpack . This bag can also be a 16 litres of water storage for emergency use.

The assembly and usage of minimLET is very simple. The primary usage is only to fix the garbage bag on the C ring, and then support it with the aluminum bar. Use the canvas worn like a raincoat, Then just sit and enjoy. IT  is so convenient that you can urinate or defecate anyway.

In addition, the C shape seat ring also has a relevant connection fittings, in theory, Using four sand filled beverage bottles and Even fixing a pop cans can play a supporting role. If you happen to have an umbrella, it would be great, what’s more , if combining  the umbrella with the canvas, then you can build up a little room.  A temporary  “Deluxe” edition toilet has been established.

From this design, we can see that the Japanese devotes much attention to the “toilet” process, and even regard it as “holy land” .  it must be extremely clean.

By using this Portable simple toilet , you  should pay attention to Gale, oth erwise it will be inevitably awkward.


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