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Nuro-Autopilot van

Nuro-Autopilot van

GM, Ford, Tesla, global giants and small businesses are starting to move into the field of conceptual mobility. Founded by two former Google engineer named Udelv California venture company also will launch “the world’s first public distribution automatic road test, in this test, a vehicle equipped with a human driver driving a truck automatic nuro in the San Mateo Bay area Draeger market began to delivery of goods.


Nuro is automatic driving vehicle  for local transport of goods , their goal is to logistics and express market, especially those localization, low speed and similar “last mile” demand, whether it is household, laundry or takeout orders, are the target of Nuro.
The Nuro roof is equipped with a sensor array platform, which includes a laser radar, a camera and a common radar. Through the frontal windshield, we can see that inside the Nuro R1 is also different from the traditional cockpit. There are no steering wheels, no throttle brake pedal and gear bar, or even the driver’s seat. Because the car didn’t plan to drive people from the beginning.

The company believes that automation technology can significantly improve the efficiency of close distribution and express delivery, and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents.


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