Musical Dreams Light Projector
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Musical Dreams Light Projector

Musical Dreams Light Projector

A good helper for baby to sleep sweetly in a night! Integrated with a projector and music, give your baby an entertainment world, let him grow up happily. Very cute looking, also as a trailer, pull its rope, it can forward slowly. How lovely toy! Quick to take it home! 

The Musical Dreams Light Projector is an advanced crib light that projects moving images onto the ceiling while playing nature sounds, soothing melodies and sung songs. The Musical Dreams Light Projector is equipped with a special sound sensor. Once the selected time setting has ended, the unit will automatically power-down. The sensor will reactivate the program when it detects baby’s cry for approximately 4 seconds. The unit will reactivate and play lullabies or nature sounds, depending on the selected mode. The  Musical Dreams Light Projector shows a colorful scene for baby to watch. 5, 10 and 15 minute timers and a volume controller allow parents to set the nightlight and sounds to their favored preference.

Musical Dreams Light Projector creates a magical atmosphere for going to sleep. The enchanting movement little scenario will be  on the wall while the relaxing music reassures and soothes baby off to sleep. At bedtime or rest time babies love to watch the images of magical, dream-time characters softly projected above, whilst listening to soothing lullabies as they drift off to sleep . This colourful dreamshow projects cute images with night-time stars and moons on to the shape to gently soothe your baby to sleep . There are 3 lullabies that play along with the delightful dancing images.the projector port at the wall, turn on the switch, and open the music switch, there will be a lot of dynamic and lively image appears on the wall outside the plus sounds and soft music, let your baby in the joy of sweet dreams.

every kids need the company of their parents , this toys is not the excuse to say ” no time ” to accompany your child .  thought it will share great fun for your kid.

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