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Modularized Bulb -SMARTBUNCH

Modularized Bulb

SMARTBUNCH is the first Modularized Bulb in the world, which has never been flexible for lighting appliances.
Unlike traditional lamps, it combines light bulbs and lampholder. Each triangle module is  an independent light source, and supports any stitching combination so that users can completely control the appearance, style or brightness of the bulb. If you look tired of a style, just change it, you can change it into different styles of lighting.
In addition, the material it uses is also varied, including stone texture, wood or metal mirror.
In addition to the fixed position, the SMARTBUNCH also supports battery lighting. Each module is connected to each other in a magnetic way, and can be energized by simple magnetic attraction. It supports cell phone control, expands the way of lighting, and makes lighting more interesting.


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