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Magnetic Bendable Figure

Magnetic Bendable Figure- it is very small but cut figure,  made of soft PVC and Neoymium magnet inside.  Because the body is totally soft , work like a Q man without any problem.  Simply stick it on any metal pcs ,like fridge , pen,  desk,  PC ,  etc.  present great fun for young kids and adults as well. What’s more , you can relax yourself during the office time by playing this fun hobby toy. Better not to let children who under 3 years old to play this little man, it may be sollowed. 

With magnets attached to the ends of their arms and legs.The magnets allow you to bend the figure into a many fun poses.  These Magnetic bendable figures may also stick themselves together .

with these figures you can easly simulate a Olympic games just on the desk.

Also it can become a Fantastic Magnetic Key Holder — It comes with cute and fun wall climbing man design. Comes with set of 4 in random colors: black, green ,red, yellow, pink or blue.

the small figure is totally lightweight, flexible  with magnetic arms and legs that can be twisted and bended into pen stand, photo hanger, kid’s artwork holder, party invite, etc.


The magnets are high quality Neodymium magnets that are constructed to hold multiple pages.

with Magnetic Bendable Figure ,Build any scenario with your endless imagination and creativity .

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