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Maglev intelligent camera

In recent years, a number of magical anti gravity household appliances have sprung up. For example, clocks, lamps, speakers and so on, there are examples of the application of magnetic levitation anti gravity technology. And A Maglev intelligent camera is coming , It is the first magnetic suspension of 360 degrees Rotation smart camera.

The Maglev intelligent camera named Moon, uses proprietary technology to provide a noiseless, vibration free and fully controllable suspension posture. The main function, of course, is intelligent security monitoring , which can rotate smoothly 360 degrees, and there is no directional delay, wireless charging so that it can run uninterrupted throughout the day.

Since it is intelligent monitoring, it not only has basic sound, action induction monitoring , buy also has intercom function.

Moon has built in a thermometer, a hygrometer, a light sensor, and a carbon dioxide monitor. Developers want to make the Moon home intelligence center, and integrate all your smart devices with a small camera. It is compatible with FTTT, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings.
Besides wireless and Bluetooth, it also supports information interaction through the Z band, using Zigbee and IR Blaster protocols.


The traditional mechanical monitoring pan has the phenomena of picture break and synchronous frame missing. We don’t yet know the effect of its 360 degree seamless camera recording. But it’s cool to have a magnetic levitation camera at home.


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