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Live Broadcast Sound Card for Smart Phone, Laptop, PC

Smartphone live broadcast sound card is based on the mobile phone karaoke equipment , light and easy to take ,

It sloved the problem of complex usage about pc sound card, and put the sound effects scenes and atmosphere effects together. Making your sound more  more melodious and pleasant


The operation of traditional sound card is very complex , it can’t meet all the market demand completely in the flow of all the people live broadcast .

This smartphone live broadcast gadget takes the operating in a key . Thus it  makes the operation easy.

1: Live broadcast with  one cellphone and two cellphones simple mode

2: professional Live broadcast with two cellphones connection demo


live boradcast sound card2



  • live broadcast sound card specially design for smartphone
  • Solve the problem of unaccompanied and no-monitor
  • Nine general atmosphere effect ,Get more atmosphere for your live broadcast
  • Five commonly scene special effect,say good-bye to dry and monotonous sound
  • Four one-key operation,Say good-bye to complex usage,return to simple

3: Package Accessories:

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