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My Little Steamer – portable little steamer

My Little Steamer

A rumpled blouse can really put a wrinkle in your job interview or business meeting.

But why worry about that, when you have these handheld Little Steamer on your side? Both boasting 900 watts of steaming power, they use plain tap water and a patented, streamlined design to easily remove wrinkles and leave your favorite garments looking fresh. Keep one at home and one at your office — either way, your image is totally covered.

Product features:

The latest nozzle design, Little Steamer is strong and uniform, ironing effect is good.

Mini shape, light and cute, very suitable for family and travel use.

* easy to use, do not wait 2 minutes to ironing the cheerful.

* multiple safety protection such as waterless automatic power off, safety certificate issued by international standard organization, more secure use.

* suitable for ironing and dry cleaning of all kinds of clothing.

* quickly wrinkles to smell, high temperature steam can kill 90% of bacteria on clothing.

* removable design, easy to add water and wash.

* ON/OFF switch with lamp is safe and convenient.

* longer power cords, easier to use.

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