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LG Watch Sport

LG Watch Sport


Now the smart watch market, and ushered in

LG Watch Sport
LG Watch Sport


a large number of new members. From Fossil, Michael, Kors to Guess, many fashion brands have also introduced many smart watches, and both run the same operating system. Although few of them are comparable to the LG Watch Sport in terms of configuration and functionality, the LG Watch Sport has also been challenged by both the functional and the design as a former king.

But for purely technical enthusiasts, LG Watch Sport is the most representative of the Android Wear 2 system smart watches, then it itself is good enough, we can take a look at.


Thick and fashionable, this is my first impression after seeing LG Watch Sport. LG Watch Sport has a thickness of 14.2 mm and a width of 51 millimeters, very heavy, but of size and ruggedness. It’s my favorite sport style, but personally I think it would be better if it could be a little smaller. I’m evaluating the titanium gray version, and there’s another blue version, but it’s only available at the Google Play store.

If you think LG Watch Sport too big, then look at such beautiful sports style face, still can forgive it. You know, the appearance of LG Watch Sport can even be ignored by many people. It’s a very good independent smart watch.

The strap of the LG Watch Sport cannot be replaced, so even the damaged strap can only be replaced with the other strap because there are two recessed designs at the joint. ASUS ZenWatch 3 before I saw this design, though a bit annoying, but when I see it in motion tracking on the outstanding performance in the heart rate, and also to wear comfortable, or choose to forgive it.

Let’s look at the screen, LG Watch Sport is equipped with 1.38 inches P-OLED display with a resolution of 480 * 480 pixels, the display is very delicate, and even in the outdoor sunshine, there is no need to bring at maximum brightness can easily see the contents of the screen. LG Watch Sport screen pixel density of 348ppi, is the best effect in the smart watch so far. But the screen of LG Watch Sport is also a “fingerprint collector”, and there will always be a lot of traces left in the day, but it can be wiped off with a few hands.

In addition, LG Watch Sport is also equipped with a very magical digital watch crown, so the finger on the screen can be a little less time to slide. This is a good function, optional Android Wear 2 supports the crown control table, just like the Apple Watch digital crown. I believe there will be many developers who will develop specialized applications for these products that have crown designs in the future. In addition, there are physical buttons on both sides of the crown, which can be used to customize shortcuts for opening applications or certain functions. By default, the above button is the start motion monitoring feature, and I personally changed the Android Pay mobile payment. After all, if you’re used to Google’s payment service, then trust me to make the same choice.

Turn the LG Watch Sport back, and on the back we can see the PPG heart rate monitor, which almost became the configuration of all smart watches in 2017, and this feature will be discussed later.

Function and movement 

Let’s focus on this digital crown, and by rotating the crown, we can view notifications, pop-up menus, and also quickly select different applications. Personally, I think the LG Watch Sport crown is more intuitive than the Apple Watch in the way of control and easier to use. Applications and programs, including local installations, can be controlled and operated via the digital watch crown, and the entire operation is elegant and simple.

Our fingers can slide around the screen to open the interface, and we can see the changes of the new system in the design of the rolling interface. If you don’t like it, you can order different orders yourself.

With its built-in GPS and heart rate monitoring sensors, the LG Watch Sport can be a very good motion tracking device. In most cases, the monitoring data is also very accurate. Measuring heart rate at rest, although time is longer than Apple Watch, is also more accurate. And Apple Watch tends to jump up and down on one value.

LG Watch Sport performs well when moving data tracking. I compare it with Wahoo Tickr X, the latter is I use a heart rate monitor chest with one of the best, and the average heart rate and the data, the two results are very close, accurate than apple Apple Watch Series 2.

In GPS positioning, LG Watch Sport is also very accurate, and we still use it to compare with Apple Watch Series 2. We found that LG Watch Sport performs very well on tracking characteristics. All two smart watches are independent of smartphones, relying entirely on their built-in sensors and maintaining close connections throughout the campaign.

When Google released Android Wear 2 system, there is a very worthy of attention, that is when running or cycling will be found, can automatically open applications such as Strava, and automatically started tracking, all without touch screen. However, Google eventually canceled such a design, because in some cases, this function will open when the user does not need, affecting the use of experience. LG Watch Sport also has a function to check whether the strength training action is standard, and I really find manually

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