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Intelligent Anti-Shake Face Recognition Three-Axis PTZ Stabilizer for Live Broadcast

if you got fans , you have media channel for live broadcast,  you need very useful facility,  small size but multi function.  The point is it has the function you need for your live channel

First :  Anit-shake,  you are gonna lose your fans if you give blur presentation to the audiences.  So it worths for you to have professional but portable PTZ stablilizer

Second:  it has face recoginition,  the camera can focuse on your face all the time which is the most attractive point for your fans.

what’s mroe with this camera , you can file the best videos with stable somooth records for ungorgettable moments in your life.

its abundant smart functions like auto tracking and time lapse photography can help you creat astounding video effects that are worth sharing with friends and the whole world. It Automatically adjusts motion increment in accordance with scenes and motion range , to product fluent videos, By using the advanced calculation methods, the 3 Axis stable enhanced mount effectively filters the vibration and makes it like a tripod in your hand.  Capture clear and steady high quality videos at any time.

You can also use APP to control this PTZ,  take photos,  videos, change angles, Monitor the battery,

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