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Growcheck Vertical Measurement Scale

Growcheck Vertical Measurement Scale

If you have children, you will want to record his growth process, record his height, weight and other information in every stage of life. Now, I would like to introduce this intelligent device to you, that is Growcheck vertical measurement scale.

The Growcheck vertical measurement scale is the first vertical body measuring device, which can accurately measure the height and weight. Users can use Growcheck vertical measurement scale to measure children’s height and weight every day, and track and manage children’s body data with Growcheck application program, so as to achieve record of children’s growth.

Growcheck vertical scale with fashionable and simple appearance, except as a measuring instrument, when not in use can also be used as a good Home Furnishing decorations, its dark appearance can be perfectly integrated into the whole family style, there will be no unexpected  sense, It wont occupy  too much room if you leave it in the corner of the house.

Growcheck vertical measurement scale can be connected to the user’s smart phone through Bluetooth. Users can directly view every data measured by Growcheck, which is simple and convenient.



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