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Graffiti Programming

Graffiti Programming

Wyss Lab from Harvard showed the main product of its educational robot on CES in 2018: Root. This kind of product is one of the big hot doors on the CES of the world, and its unique creative, educational and entertaining features attract many visitors.

Compared to other educational robots, it looks a bit like a Lego block, but the accessories are more ornamental. It is expected that Root will be sold in the two quarter of 2018, and the related module components will be continuously introduced, including photo modules and so on.
Above Root is a USB-C port, which can be inserted directly into the module component.  Mark pen, can be inserted into the robot for painting. If your home has white boards, you can directly put the robot on it. The robot can rely on the magnetic components at the bottom to attach to the white board, and use fixed roller to achieve movement and painting.

Unlike the complex and interactive educational robots, Root guides the children to learn programming through an absolutely intuitive and simple way of painting. It will also integrate languages such as Swift, Python, and JavaScript in the future to help children and adolescents realize the transition of programming languages.

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