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Google launches a Paper Signals.

Google has brought us lots of interesting experimental projects. Recently, they have launched Paper Signals. I can see that this is nothing special, but when you match Google Assistant, it is interesting.
Because these small pieces of paper can show the answers you want according to your voice instructions.
When you want to know whether it will rain somewhere, you can use Android or iOS equipment on Google Assistant to ask, this is compared with the traditional plane view, Paper Signals will be part of umbrella with Google Assistant showed that the rain area open answer.

For example, if you want to know if this weather is suitable for trousers or shorts, pants .Paper Signals parts will give you some reminders according to Google Assistant feedback. And at present, Google has introduced a variety of Paper Signals components, in order to facilitate the use of different scenes

Paper Signals, as an open source project, shows that developers can develop their desired Paper Signals components according to their own preferences.
In fact, you want to get such a small toy, it must be made by yourself. The Paper Signals official network provides a related tutorial, which is divided into three steps:

1: Purchase parts


2:Printing paper template


Paper Signals provides the purchase of components such as chips and electric motors in, a set of about $24.95 (RMB 165 yuan). First, ready to complete the required components, and then print out the paper template provided by the Google and follow the site and prompt the step by step.
At present, Paper Signals offers five kinds of components, such as umbrellas, countdown, trousers, rockets and arrows, but with the participation of participants, more and more Paper Signals components will be added.

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