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“Flight camera” PITTA

“Flight camera” PITTA

The most common solution of this combination is to add a supporting platform for UAV to the UAVs. Just like GoPro Karma, there are similar products before that.
This should be the simplest way, and users can achieve different shooting targets by replacing different types of sports cameras. Only, when the camera is replaced, there may be the problem of the compatibility of the cloud platform. In addition to the shooting features of the motion camera, many people will choose unmanned aerial vehicles and motion cameras to be used separately.
But do not have a product that can meet the two needs of “Sports Camera + UAV” at one time?


As a matter of fact, the Drone team EYEDEA launched a new “flight camera” PITTA. This machine is a combination of drone and motion camera. It can switch three forms of drone, motion camera and monitor camera through the way of “disassembling parts”.


According to the SlashGear report, the PITTA’s fuselage is a sphere. It looks like a professional VR camera, but it’s very small and the ball is 170mm in diameter, and people can basically master it by one hand. The body weight is 200g, compared to the single body weight of 118g GoPro Session 5, PITTA is not too heavy, because it has to take into account other replacement mechanisms. There’s no big problem for carrying one and  self-timer.
Shooting parameters, PITTA supports 4K video capture, support high-speed continuous shooting and time-lapse photography. But the so-called slow motion is only 60fps. The shooting performance is more general, the most is a “toy” level.

In fact, PITTA’s pursuit of quality and performance, its core should be embodied in the variable shape of the fuselage. The bottom of PITTA comes with a detachable structure, and EYEDEA has three bases for it. The first is the motion camera base with a universal screw interface, and the second is the UAV module.

As long as the PITTA is connected to the UAV module, a mobile phone can become a self timer. Users can use the mobile phone to control, PITTA also has automatic following function, can follow people to walk. This model is very convenient if you take a photo of a lot of people, or if you want to follow your own Vlog. Although the quality of the painting is not good, but the general use is still possible.

The third mode of PITTA is to monitor the camera mode. The user needs to connect the PITTA to the EYEDEA base and become a real-time monitoring camera. The base has a lot of joint methods, and it can also be hung on the wall to meet more monitoring requirements.

In general, PITTA is a product with a very smart product concept. Although we should take into account three forms, let it give up many things, such as picture quality and performance, but modularity design is compatible with three different needs, which is indeed a way to improve playability.
Modular design means that there will be more things to be compatible with in the future. Or, PITTA or its follow-up product can be connected to a few simple motion modules to perform a similar electric slide, which is also possible.



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