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Flexible small coin rollbe roll measuring ruler

“Rollbe” The rolling design is designed to be able to measure the exact distance by rolling from one point to another, as well as the metric and imperial units.

Designers, carpenters, fashion designers, tailors, architects and other professionals need to draw a specific plate or template, and in the process, the measurement curve and other forms of design details are very necessary.

The two smallest sizes, 4 and 10 cm in size, are similar to coins and can be easily placed in a pocket or hanging on a key for easy carrying.

8 inch and 20 cm two larger size of the ruler is more suitable for home or into the general size of the toolbox.

All measuring scales are made of high quality stainless steel, of which 4 inch and 10 cm version with portable key holder leather case.

Inch units “rollbe” rolling rulers can be accurate to one-sixteenth inch, the metric unit can be accurate to a millimeter.

“Rollbe” Rolling the measuring scale is very easy to use. Simply mark the beginning of the measured surface or line, and then scroll forward.

Use the “radius indicator” to record the number of turns of the whole circle, plus the remaining scale on the dial to the end to calculate the full distance.


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