Anti-anxiety Fidget rainbow Magic ball cube
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Fidget rainbow Magic ball cube

Anti-anxiety Fidget rainbow Magic ball cube

Magic ball cube is made of eco-friendly ABS engineering plastic ,safety ,non-toxic ,lightweight and durable.

How to play: Magic ball cube includes 12 holes with different color, but there are only 11 different balls in the hole surface. By moving the ball, matching the balls with the holes of the same color.

Note: Just press the small ball down and scroll it  by your finger.
Magic ball cube puzzle is really a great fidget puzzle toy ,not quite difficult as a Rubix cube that you feel like you are never going to be able to fix it,but not too easy either .It is still a nice challenge.Not too big to a child’s hands ,and not too small to a adult’s hands.There are no kids will not fall in love with rainbow ball game, and it can improve your kids’ skills of thinking ,cooperation and fine motor skill .
These Magic ball cubes are sturdy and moving smoothly and never get stuck. It is an ultimate gift for kids ,adults and elders.

Magic ball cube

Function and Action

1.Stimulate Each Organ Response
It has a design of bright-coloured color, line is clear and attractive that can stimulate children’s visual.Scrolling color ball also can cultivate their sense of touch.Therefore, it can help us to cooperate with the reaction of the various senses, to contact and cognitive novelty things especially for children.
2.Development of Intelligence

It’s a fidget ball that can develop our intelligence and wisdom in the process of playing it. According to the research of Royal Academy of Sciences found that people often play educational toys exceed 11 points above the average IQ and have a much higher brains open thinking ability than those who do not play. American medical experts also found that people who started to play the educational toys before 50 years only has 32% of the general population for Alzheimer’s disease incidence, and the one who grew up playing educational toys incidence is less than 1% of incidence in the general population.

3.Practice Social Activity
During the child and their peers or parents play fidget, unconsciously in the development of their social relationships, even if they’re prone to quarrel in cooperation or competition, actually they are developing spirit of cooperation and learning share with others. That can lay the foundation for them get into society in the future.At the same time, language ability, emotional release and beginning ability all can be improved.


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