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Embr Wave Smart Bracelet

Embr Wave Smart Bracelet

We are exposed to different environment, there will be a different feeling, hot or cold, this feeling will make us feel uncomfortable; Only keep your body in a comfortable temperature range, Then the body may remain healthy. Today’s Embr Wave smart bracelet can deliver heat or cool through contact with the wrist skin to help users warm up or cool down.

Embr Wave Smart Bracelet can meet the user’s demand for heating and cooling. When heating is needed, the current flows in and generates heat; and when cooling, the device uses aluminum to dissipate heat, in which aluminum is a common material for heat exchange.

Embr Wave Smart Bracelet can gradually accumulate heat or emit heat, so that users will be comfortable in the process of use.

Embr Wave smart bracelet is a bracelet for the user to provide heating and cooling function, because the RD team after a thorough understanding of the mechanism of human feelings, found in different parts of the human body degree of hot and cold is not the same. Usually, people’s hands and feet are the first to reflect the hot and cold state of the body. Thus the research team chose the wrist.


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