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Dimensional Maze Pipeline Game – 5 dollar games

Dimensional Maze Pipeline Game

The Pipeline Game run provides a great mix of spins, drops, seesaws, and speed. Various studies have shown that presenting basic construction and engineering concepts to young children helps stimulate creativity and reasoning from an early age. As they play, they sharpen their skills and build impressive-looking structures. Most of all, the correct angles of inclination are what make the marble run work properly. Consider this your child’s first class in design and structural integrity, with functional gratification built right in. ​

Pipeline Game allows you to see the marble action from top to bottom as the 10 glass marbles make their way down the set. The solid plastic pieces allow for easy use by young kids and adults. Marble Runs allow for almost infinite possibilities for assembly from the very simple to the extremely complex. This Marble Run Starter Set is the perfect way to allow you to start discovering the endless possibilities and excitement that comes from designing a run and watching the marbles make their way down the set.


Numerous Designs – We have so many pieces that you can build many different structures.  The large base helps provide critical support.

See-Through Pieces – One of the most interesting features of our Marble Run is our translucent pieces that allow you to see the Marble as it goes from the top of the set to the bottom.

Makes Learning Fun – Marble Run Toys are great for kids to learn important science and engineering concepts and develop fine motor skills while having fun!  Our Marble Runs can be found in many classrooms to teach important STEM concepts.

Compatibility – Use this marble run set with your favorite marble run track sets. It is compatible with the Marbulous and Rolliblock collections.

Easy Assembly – Teaching your kids about building, engineering and architecture has never been easier or more fun. The solid plastic pieces stick together making it a cinch for kids to build the marble game by themselves.

Our price is 5 dollars arround , welcome to contact us

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