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Check N Cable- A USB Cable Display charging progress

Check N Cable-A USB Cable Display charging progress, now You don’t have to Tap the Home button to check it out

A USB Cable Display charging progress 3

“Check N Cable” is a USB cable designed by many designers. It comes with a LED display, which can directly display the proportion of the current charge. While charging, if you want to check the battery , no longer need to activate the screen, just take a look at the USB cable , that is all.

It looks easy, doesn’t it? It also changes the color of the screen while  the amount of power  changes. When the battery is low, it shows red, Half of the battery life, it becomes blue ,  when the display becomes green ,  it means  your cellphone is fully charged

Check N Cable’s material is the  current popular weaved nylon. it is not only  tough and durable ,  but also  meet the standard of the aesthetic 


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