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Build & Imagine Magnetic building set

Build & Imagine Magnetic building set

Young adventurers will develop foundational STEM skills with this Build & Imagine Magnetic building set + storytelling playset that bridges left and right brain play. Guide Thea on her quest to save endangered sea animals! Construct the colorfully illustrated magnetic panels into a building or boat, stick magnetic accessories into your scene, then take wooden character Thea on a sea worthy adventure. Easily change things up and create a whole new adventure for endless imaginative play. Recommended for ages 4 to 8.

magnetic building set.
magnetic building set.

Unlike a big bulky dollhouse that is the same each time,  kids can build this however they like, decorate it with magnetic accessories, and then make up a story for the magnetic dolls. The magnets are really easy to use and the illustrations are colorful and appealing. love to hearing their imaginations as they whisper stories. The modularity of this sets provides for endless creativity.

Watch their engineering and language skills blossom! Kids can build a new set and storyline every time they play. Just click together the magnetic, double-sided walls and roof pieces to build a 3-D adventure scene filled with magnetic people, props and accessories. At the Beach House, two best friends love singing, playing guitar, swimming in the pool and taking care of their pets! Includes two girl dolls, 16 double-sided building panels and more than 40 magnetic accessories. Combine the sets to extend play.

• Develops early engineering skills (spatial reasoning, problem solving, and creativity) as well as language skills.

• A magnetic building set that inspires storytelling.
• Kids can build and decorate the scene any way they like, and then dress the dolls with magnetic accessories and take them on an imaginary adventure.
• Unlike a traditional bulky dollhouse, Build & Imagine StoryWalls stack flat, making them easy to transport and store.
• StoryWall panels and accessories include a swimming pool, functional door, living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms and bathrooms, garden, floor and roof shapes, outfits, accessories, pets and more.

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