Beer belly pockets
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Beer belly pockets- a cute and interesting design

Beer belly pockets- a cute and interesting design

Now young people are hard to fitness, is to practice out of Man Man eight muscles, but for girls, the relaxation of beer belly, that is, “dad belly”, but a sense of security.
If you want to have a good body at the same time, want to give the other half a sense of reliability, then look at the “beer belly pockets”, and even possession of beer, absolutely give women a big meet.

Design the pockets of the man Albert Pukies have thin body, do not eat junk food, but want to have a beer belly.So the pockets of the appearance, designed to ultra-realistic belly, so that men are exposed anytime, anywhere belly, looks interesting and a little cute.

This “beer belly pockets” has six designs, any selection of different color, hair, fat slack, above have zippers, can accommodate the size of beer capacity.
In the sense of security to girls at the same time, but also help to put some small things, will certainly add a lot of points for you.

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