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Automatic intelligent pet toilet

Automatic intelligent pet toilet

Do you think you can win your pets respect by every day cleaning ? The idea is a little naive. Pets’s born nature of Excretion “quality” make the master very headeache.

Training is a required course for every shit officer, but now there is a more economical way to do it.
Catolet is a full automatic pet defecation trash can make it free in this area, and also let the pet enjoy the “incisively and vividly”.

Automatic intelligent pet toilet is specially designed for cat and dog pets, suitable for installation in the toilets of the shovel shit officer. The appliance is made of acrylic material as a whole, and it is very simple and convenient to use.

Regarding installation, it is directly connected with the water supply and sewage pipe, and provides two ways to achieve straight row. One is to use a hose in the toilet, and then flush. The other scheme is directly connected to the toilet drain outlet. This change is relatively large and is suitable for the hands-on shovel officers.

Automatic intelligent pet toilet supports a mobile phone connection with a sensitive sensor that can be controlled by an automatic cleaning system to clean up the waste. The leak detection sensor enables it to notify you in time when the water is leaking and automatically closes the inlet switch. The battery can be used for three months after the battery is full of electricity.

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