Life Inventions

Puna Knife

On the surface, Puna Knife seems to be a very small and compact rifle model, but it is actually a multifunctional combination tool which is brought by the London design team 3Coil : It is called Puna Knife, combined and disguised by a variety of practical daily tools.

The most important small tool is the knife that is generally sharp as a scalpel.

A miniature screwdriver is hidden at the muffler part of the “rifle” and it is a handle of the scalpel.

Although the blade is very sharp, but also may be passivated, the mini screwdriver is a small tool for maintaining and replacing the blade.

A mini screwdriver can also be used for other use


The small aluminum boxes for packaging are also only the size of the business card, and they can be used to place business cards or credit cards at the same time.

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